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Crossbow Sleeve

Artist: Various (compiled by Lumpen Nobleman)
Two-Litre Blue Crossbow Bolt
Catalogue No: XNMX 010
Duration: 78 mins
Format: MP3/192kbps
Released: October 2011

Roy Budd Hallucinations – Snoitanicullah (Instrumental) (Get Carter OST) (1971)
Amon Düül II Wie Der Wind Am Ende Einer Strasse (United Artists, 1972)
Walter Wegmüller Der Hohepriester (Kosmische Kuriere, 1973)
Othon Mataragas and Ernesto Tomasini Metalipsis (no label, 2007)
Liquid Trio Experiment Tony’s Nightmare (Magna Carta, 2007)
Pulsallama Ungawa Pt. 2 (Y, 1982)
Júpiter Maçã A Marchinha Psicótica de Doutor Stu (2003)
Robert Wyatt Sonia (Virgin, 1975)
Mike Ladd Back at Ya (Thirsty Ear, 2005)
Dinosaur L Go Bang (City Beat, 1986)
Haniwa Chan Owannaino (Sony, 1984)
Ryuichi Sakamoto Riot in Lagos (Island, 1980)
Boredoms 15 (Warner, 1996)
E.M.A.K. Tanz In Den Himmel (Originalton West, 1982)
Trust F.T.F. (Trust mix) (Sacred Bones, 2011)
Yello No More Words (Vertigo, 1983)
Hermann Kopp Mondo Zombie (Passiv, 1983)
Hype Williams Break4love (Hippos in Tanks, 2011)
Professor Jay Ndio Mzee (FKW, 2001)


Vatten Sleeve

Various (compiled by Dan Dizette)
Två Vatten Tack Sammanställning
Catalogue No:
XNMX 009
41 mins
October 2011

Edgar Broughton Band Evening Over Rooftops (Harvest, 1971)
Tyrannosaurus Rex Frowning Atahuallpa (My Inca Love) (Regal Zonophone, 1968)
Ivor Cutler Beautiful Cosmos (Virgin, 1976)
Angelo Badalamenti Twin Peaks Theme (Instrumental) (Warner, 1989)
Foetus Chimera (Ectopic Ents, 2006)
Tik & Tok Intolerance 1 (Survival, 1984)
Prismic Delight Delta Goldfish (no label, 2011)
Paul McCartney Darkroom (EMI, 1980)
Giorgio Moroder I’m Left, You’re Right, She’s Gone (Casablanca, 1977)
Starflight Dance to the Beat (BMC, 1984)

Up in Allison Arms Sleeve

Various (compiled by Lumpen Nobleman)
Up in Allison Arms
Catalogue No:
XNMX 008
September 2011

Low Drag (Vernon Yard, 1994)
Richard Youngs All Day Monday and Tuesday (Jagjaguwar, 2009)
Einstürzende Neubauten Blume (Mute, 1992)
John Barry feat. Nancy Sinatra You Only Live Twice (Columbia, 1967)
Manfred Hubler and Siegfried Schwab The Message (Vampyros Lesbos OST) (Mercury, 1969)
Barry White Playing Your Game, Baby (Instrumental) (Jazz Funk, 2003) (orig. vocal mix, 20th Century, 1977)
Asphixiation Aural Risk (Innocent, 1981)
The Creatures Weathercade (Polydor, 1983)
Stump Buffalo (Ensign, 1988)
The Flys Love and a Molotov Cocktail (EMI, 1978)
Girls at our Best! Getting Nowhere Fast (Record, 1980)
Bow Wow Wow Go Wild in the Country (RCA, 1982)
Klaus Nomi Wasting My Time (RCA, 1981)
Rod Stewart Da ’Ya’ Think I’m Sexy? (Riva, 1978)
Herman’s Rocket Space Woman (Disques Ibach, 1977)
Grace Jones Pull up to the Bumper (Island, 1985)
David Joseph You Can’t Hide (Your Love From Me) (Larry Levan Mix) (Island, 1983)
Alexander Robotnick
Problemes d'Amour (Sire, 1985)
Antipop Consortium Silver Heat (Warp, 2002)

Gaston Sleeve

Various (compiled by Dan Dizette)
Title: Gaston de Jeaura
Catalogue No: XNMX 007
Duration: 77mins
Format: MP3/192kbps
Released: September 2011

Hickory Wind Mister Man (Gigantic, 1969)
Jacob Yates and the Pearly Gate Lock Pickers Vessels (Re:peater, 2011)
Paul Giovanni and Magnet feat. Unknown Artist Willow’s Song (The Wicker Man OST) (1973)
Jean-Louis Huhta Halfway Between the World and Death (Slottet, 2007)
Tuxedomoon In Heaven (Live) (Normal, 1987)
E.M.A.K. Slow Motion (Originalton West, 1985)
Crime and the City Solution The Sun Before the Darkness (Instrumental) (Mute, 1991)
doTb Education/Shield and Sink (Bearos, 2003)
Ennio Morricone A Lucio Fulci (Una Lucertola Con La Pelle Di Donna OST) (1971)
Psychic TV Twisted (Some Bizzare, 1985)
cEvin Key Wind on Small Paws (Sub-Conscious Communications, 1998)
Gary Numan Music for Chameleons (Extended Version) (Beggars Banquet, 1982)
Kitchen and the Plastic Spooons Happy Funeral (Kitchooons Plastics, 1980)
The Normal T.V.O.D. (Sire, 1978)
Asphixiation Innocent Rhythms (Innocent, 1981)
Mayday Sinister (Pheerce Citi, 1988)
Aksak Maboul (Mit 1) Saure Gurke (Aus 1 Urwald Gelockt) (Kamikaze, 1977)
Charlie Spacer Woman (Mr. Disc Organization, 1983)



Various (compiled by Lumpen Nobleman)
Proprietor of Spirits
Catalogue No:
XNMX 006
June 2011

Manu Dibango End Title (Ceddo OST) (Fiesta, 1977)
Nina Simone Funkier Than a Mosquito’s Tweeter (RCA, 1974)
Opambuo International Band of Ghana Unknown (c. 1980)
Ilaiyaraaja feat. S.P. Balasubrahmaniam Solla Solla (Ellaam Inbamayam OST) (1981)
Jonathan Richman and the Modern Lovers Egyptian Reggae (Beserkley, 1977)
Prince Jazzbo Natty Ting a Ling Part 2 (Studio One, c. 1975)
Dub Specialist Bionic Dub (Winro, 1975)
The Revolutionaries Kunta Kinte (Channel One, 1976)
Laurel Aitken Stupid Married Man (Pama, 1969)
Michigan and Smiley Diseases (Volcano, 1982)
Early B Wheely Wheely (Sunset, 1985)
Augustus Pablo Stop Them Jah (Yard, 1976)
Scientist Coxsone Feel This One (Imperial, 1981)
Tenor Saw Ring the Alarm (Techniques, 1985)
New Age Steppers Fade Away (On-U Sound, 1980)
The Slits Difficult Fun (CBS, 1981)
Vivien Goldman Launderette (Window, 1981)
Bush Tetras Can’t Be Funky (Fetish, 1981)
Lizzy Mercier Descloux Aya Mood (Ze, 1979)
Althea and Donna Uptown Top Ranking (Joe Gibbs, 1977)
Randy’s Allstars Mission Impossible (Riley, c. 1972)
Jackie Mittoo and the Soul Brothers James Bond (Studio One, c. 1965)
The Skatalites Fidel Castro (Coxsone, 1964)
Toots and the Maytals 54-46 (Beverley’s, 1968)


Ardettanbeg Sleeve

Various (compiled by Dan Dizette)
Ardettanbeg Samlingsverk
Catalogue No: XNMX 005
Format: MP3/224kbps
Released: June 2011

Henry Cow The Decay of Cities (Broadcast, 1978)
Richard Youngs Advent (Part I) (recorded in 1988) (No Fans, 1990)
Ahvak Regaim (Moments) (Cuneiform, 2004)
Stewart Clelland Bad Cazziness (2006)
Christopher Adler Signals Intelligence (Tzadik, 2004)
Sarcomasine Bloc Interneccine Slakes (Difficult Fun, 2005)
Avant Garde Project Hungarian Steam Locomotives Field Recording (AGP)
Bruno Spoerri Drillin’ (recorded in 1971) (Finders Keepers, 2006)
Aksak Maboul and Les Tueurs de la Lune de Miel (The Honeymoon Killers) Bosses de Crosses (recorded in 1980) (Crammed, 1995)
Will Menter et al. A Beginning and Some Middle (Brussels) (Community) (Zyzzle, 1981)
Secret Chiefs 3 Blaze of the Grail (Web Of Mimicry, 2001)
Goblin Death Dies (Profondo Rosso OST) (CNR, 1975)
This Heat S.P.Q.R. (Rough Trade, 1981)
Certain General Back Downtown (Labor, 1982)
Etron Fou Leloublan Le Jeu, L’alcool et Les Femmes (Turbo-Music, 1984)
Frank Zappa Son of Mr. Green Genes (Bizarre, 1969)
Igra Staklenih Perli Dracula’s Dance (HF, 1979)
Deuter Soham (Kuckuck, 1972)
White Noise Your Hidden Dreams (Island, 1969)


tanqueray sleeve

Various (compiled by Lumpen Nobleman)
Tanqueray Tenants Association Compilation
Catalogue No: XNMX 004
Format: MP3/192kbps
Released: June 2011

Karappo no Sekai (Vacant World) (Columbia, 1968)
Maurice and the Clichés Skyline (RMS/Applause, 1983)
The Legendary Pink Dots Legacy (Mirrordot, 1981)
Faust Jennifer (Virgin, 1974)
Roxy Music In Every Dream Home a Heartache (Polydor, 1973)
Tuxedomoon Fifth Column (Ralph, 1980)
Billy Green Eco Blue / Toadstrip (Stone OST) (recorded in 1974) (Finders Keepers, 2009)
Riz Ortolani Massacre of the Troupe (Cannibal Holocaust OST) (1980)
John Carpenter Targets / Ice Cream Man on Edge (Assault on Precinct 13 OST) (1976)
Trisomie 21 The Last Song (Scarface, 1987)
Gui Boratto Arquipélago (K2, 2005)
Lory D Bobby Remix (Wireblock, 2008)
Model 500 No UFOs (Metroplex, 1985)
Jeff Wayne feat. Richard Burton The Coming of the Martians
(The War of the Worlds) (CBS, 1978)
Uncle John and Whitelock W.O.W (GFM, 2003)
JG Thirlwell Spag (The Ventures Bros.) (2009)
Os Mutantes Baby (Polydor, 1968)
Charlotte Dada Don’t Let Me Down (Original Music, 1971)


Cobikwa Sleeve

Various (compiled by Dan Dizette)
Title: Cobikwa Awikibo
Catalogue No: XNMX 003
Format: MP3/160kbps
Released: January 2011

Ash Ra Tempel Cosmic Tango (Kosmische, 1973)
Felix Tiger Stripes (Sleeping Bag, 1984)
Dr Adolf Ahanotu Ijere (Mirabel, 1986)
Kikrokos Jungle DJ (Remix) (Polydor, 1978)
Danny and the Serious Party Gods Castro Boy (Instrumental) (White Label, 1983)
Paul McCartney Temporary Secretary (Parlophone, 1980)
Class Action Weekend (Sleeping Bag, 1983)
Billy Nichols Give Your Body up to the Music (Larry Levan Mix) (West End, 1979)
Sparkle Handsome Man (Larry Levan Remix) (Salsoul, 1979)
Rinder & Lewis Lust (AVI, 1977)
Tony Orlando Don’t Let Go (Pete Herbert Edit) (Disco Deviance, 2008) (orig. mix, Elektra, 1978)
Oliver Cheatham Get Down Saturday Night (MCA, 1983)
Luis Bacalov Summertime Killer (Recorded in 1972) (Crippled Dick Hot Wax! 1998)
Sweet Talks Akampanye (Philips, 1976)
Asiko Rock Group Lagos City (EMI, 1976)
Scott and Beth B Black Box Disco (Vortex OST) (Neutral, 1982)
John Carpenter and Alan Howarth The Bank Robbery (Escape From New York OST) (1981)
Thelma Houston Don’t Leave Me This Way (Larry Levan Instrumental Mix) (Larry 03) (orig. Tamla, 1976)


Hardiskampen Sleeve

Various (compiled by Dan Dizette)
Title: Hardiskampen Verzamelwerk
Catalogue No:
XNMX 002
Format: MP3/192kbps
Released: January 2011

Bourbonese Qualk Boggy Creek (Recloose Organisation, 1986)
E.M.A.K. Filmmusik (Originaltin West, 1982)
Koji Kondo Hammer Bros. Battle (Nintendo, 1988)
John Baker Troes y Garreg (recorded in c.1965) (Trunk, 2008)
Trisomie 21 Il Se Noie (Stechak, 1983)
Cluster Hollywood (Brain, 1974)
Tom Dissevelt Syncopation (recorded in 1958) (Philips, 1962)
Kraftwerk Kometenmelodie 2 (Philips, 1974)
Kebekelektrik Magic Fly (Dash, 1977)
Heaven 17 Let’s All Make a Bomb (Virgin, 1981)
Muslimgauze Gilded Madrasa (recorded in 1995) (Level Plane, 2002)
Heliogabalus Abdomination (Difficult Fun, 2004)
Guy Klucevsek The Gunks (Tzadik, 1996)
Beirut Prenzlauerberg (Ba Da Bing! 2006)
Arbete och Fritid Gånglåt efter Lejsme Per Larsson, Malung (MNW, 1973)
The Yamasuki’s Aieaoa (Dandelion, 1971)
The Mops Blind Bird (Victor, 1968)
The United States of America The Garden of Earthly Delights (Columbia, 1968)
Silver Apples Ruby (Kapp, 1969)
Star Wars North & South Medvedkovo (Difficult Fun, 2005)
Arthur Russell Keeping Up (recorded in c.1985) (Soul Jazz, 2004)


Bellsiglo Sleeve

Various (compiled by Dan Dizette)
Title: Compilación Bellsiglo III
Catalogue No: XNMX 001
Format: MP3/192kbps
Released: January 2011

Phantom Band E.F.1 (Sky, 1981)
Holger Czukay Two Bass Shuffle (Welt, 1981)
Faust Extract 4 from Faust Party 3 (recorded in 1972) (Recommended, 1979)
Can A Spectacle (Harvest, 1978)
Judy Nylon & Crucial Live in a Lift (On-U Sound, 1982)
Young Marble Giants Include Me Out (Rough Trade, 1980)
Lora Logic Wonderful Offer (Rough Trade, 1981)
Talking Heads Pull up the Roots (Sire, 1983)
Y Pants Favorite Sweater (99, 1980)
Gorp Full Moonlight (Beet Bop, 1983)
Antifamily J’Avance (Difficult Fun, 2006)
Blurt Get (Test Pressings, 1980)
Rhys Chatham Untitled (Live Version, 1987) (Post Minimalist, 1986)
A Certain Ratio And Then Again (Factory, 1980)
The The Flesh and Bones (Some Bizzare, 1985)
Dogs Missing on the Subway (Eagle, 1981)
Lipps, Inc. How Long (Casablanca, 1980)
Klein & MBO Dirty Talk (European Connection) (Rams Horn, 1983)
Break 3000 Flash 1 (My Best Friend, 2004)
Airbus Modular Destinations (Traum, 2008)
La Bionda I Wanna Be Your Lover (Baby, 1980)