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Sherwood sleeve

Adrian Sherwood
Sherwood at the Controls '79 to '84 Classic DJ Set
Catalogue No: XNMX 060
Duration: 63 mins
Format: MP3/320kbps
Released: December 2016 (recorded live on Ramsgate beach at Contra Pop Festival 2015)

On Sunday 23rd August 2015, On-U Sound kingpin Adrian Sherwood played a phenomenal hometown set on Ramsgate beach. Delving deep into a box of his own productions from the late '70s and early '80s, the Dubfather put on a remarkable show that will live long in the memories of the townspeople and those who made lengthy pilgrimages to witness the master at work.

Radio Saviour sleeve

Various (compiled by Dan Dizette)
Radio Saviour
Catalogue No: XNMX 059
Duration: 10 mins
Format: MP3/320kbps
Released: December 2016 (recorded January 2015)

Dan Dizette takes you on a non-linear journey through a tumultuous century of radio broadcasting, from state-controlled 1920s Leningrad to uncontrollable present day London.
Barbarossa sleeve

Various (compiled by David Barbarossa)
Contra Pop DJ set (excerpt)
Catalogue No: XNMX 058
Duration: 66 mins
Format: MP3/320kbps
Released: December 2016 (recorded live on Ramsgate beach at Contra Pop Festival 2015)

Disco legend David Barbarossa played a stormer at Contra Pop and here's the evidence. His Saturday evening workout primed Ramsgate's dancers for Glasgow city-mates Golden Teacher's mind-blowing set. Enjoy this globe-trotting selection from the barefoot barbarian from the north.
Dungeon sleeve

Artist: Various (compiled by Dan Dizette)
Dungeon Complaint
Catalogue No: XNMX 057
Duration: 82 mins
Format: MP3/320kbps
Released: December 2016

Univers Zero Complainte (Eric Faes, 1977)
Egisto Macchi Crostacei (Leonardi, 1972)
Aisha Orazbayeva and Tim Etchells The Answer to Your Question (PRAH, 2015)
Juraj Ďuriš Panta Rhei Pre Violončelo A Elektroakustický Záznam (recorded in 2007)
(VŠMU Bratislava et al, 2016)
Joan La Barbara Circular Song (recorded in c. 1976) (Arc Light Editions, 2016)
No Artist (Castles and Kings) On The Footplate Of 'King Edward VIII': Leaving Paddington and Approaching Birmingham, Snow Hill (Argo, 1967)
Pedro Reyes, John Coxon et al 8.47 (Disarm) (Lisson Gallery, 2013)
水玉消防団 (Mizutama Shouboudan) 真空パック・トラベル (Kinniku-Bijo, 1981)
Guigou Chenevier and Sophie Jausser Femmes d'Interieur/Femmes d'Exterieur (RecRec Music, 1984)
Edzayawa Amanehun (EMI, 1973)
Na Hawa Doumbia Danaya (à Sidi Konaté Pour Toujours) (AS, 1982)
Slim Smith Born to Love (Studio One, 1979)
Singers and Players Dungeon (On-U Sound, 1982)
Khidja ‎Mustafa ([Emotional] Especial, 2014)
Gilbert Artman Saxophone Machine No. 2 (Koka Media, 1983)
Pervers Asozial (Zweckfrei / S.U.F.F., 1985)
Chips For The Poor Rinsell The Tin-Cell (not on label, 2013)
Break/Flow Repli/Depli (Difficult Fun, 2005)
Rexy Don't Turn Me Away (Alien, 1981)


Wolf sleeve

Artist: Various (compiled by Dan Dizette)
Crazy Shit, The White Wolf
Catalogue No: XNMX 056
Duration: 89 mins
Format: MP3/320kbps
Released: December 2016

Philippe Petit Bottom of the Hill (not on label, c. 2014)
Mats Gustafsson Piano Mating (Blue Tapes/X-Ray Records, 2015) [plus
Libbe Matz Gang Tube Disaster / Molotov Attack On Richburns Bailiffs (Hand Loom Lament, 2013)]
Tuxedomoon This Beast (Les Disques Du Crépuscule, 1983)
Daniela Casa Contestation (recorded c. 1975) (Penny, 2015)
Peter Christopherson In My Head a Crystal Sphere of Heavy Fluid (Chalice, 1998)
Sir Richard Bishop Shades Of Zurvan (excerpt) (Unrock, 2014)
Asha Bhosle Dum Maro Dum (Saregama India Ltd., 1971)
Hongthong Dao Udon Nong Ni Na (recorded c. 1976) (EM, 2015)
Françoise Hardy Le Premier Bonheur du Jour (Disques Vogue, 1963)
Bert Jansch Rosemary Lane (Transatlantic, 1971)
Pink Floyd Main Theme (More OST) (Columbia 1969)
Jacob Yates and the Pearly Gate Lock Pickers The Tigris (Va Va, 2016)
Lee Hazlewood Morning Dew (Reprise, 1968)
The Thing Have Love Will Travel (recorded in 2004) (The Thing, 2015)
Felix Kubin mit Mitch & Mitch Syncopated Secretaries (Gagarin, 2013)
Sun Ra Outer Reach Intense Energy (early version) (recorded in 1977) (Modern Harmonic, 2016)
Charles Mingus Wednesday Night Prayer Meeting (Atlantic, 1960)
Etron Fou Leloublan Christine (Live in the US, 1979) (Celluloid, 1980)
Kas Product Mind (Punk, 1980)
The Threat High Cost of Living (One Web, 1980)
Massicot Louac (Et Mon Cul C'est Du Tofu? ‎/ Red Wig ‎/ Kaka Kids, 2015)
The Cramps I Was a Teenage Werewolf (Illegal, 1980)

Shipton sleeve

Artist: Various (compiled by Doug Shipton)
Contra Pop DJ set
Catalogue No: XNMX 055
Duration: 42 mins
Format: MP3/320kbps
Released: November 2016 (recorded live on Ramsgate beach at Contra Pop Festival 2015)

On Saturday 22nd August 2015, Finders Keepers label boss, record hound and dedicated swallower of fashion, Doug Shipton, made the trip to Ramsgate to play an exquisite beachside DJ set at the inaugural Contra Pop Festival, and this is what it sounded like.
KAF sleeve

Artist: Various (compiled by Lumpen Nobleman)
Keltisch Angelfolc Freundschaft
Catalogue No: XNMX 054
Duration: 40 mins
Format: MP3/320kbps
Released: November 2016 (recorded in 2011 for Bigtimers, Madrid)

Petit Mal Mirrorball (Difficult Fun, 2005)
The Legendary Pink Dots Love Puppets (In Phaze, 1983)
Muscles of Joy Room of Our Own (Watts of Goodwill, 2011)
The The Flesh and Bones (Some Bizzare, 1985)
Radical Guru Strong Dub (Excerpt) (Dubbed Out, 2008)
Rude Pravo Duplex Child (Shadazz, 2010)
Franz & Shape Animal Scene (A JD Twitch Optimo Mix) (not on label, 2011)
Equip XXXO (not on label, 1983)
Aleksander Jurczyk Brutalism Soundtrack Draft (Excerpt) (not on label, 2011)

Spooky sleeve

Artist: Various (compiled by Lumpen Nobleman)
Spooky Future
Catalogue No: XNMX 053
Duration: 78 mins
Format: MP3/320kbps
Released: October 2016 (recorded October 2014)

Reeder Atmospheres (Nekromantik II OST) (recorded in c. 1991) (Jelinski/Buttgereit Self-released, 2005)
Delia Derbyshire Celestial Cantabile (KPM, 1972)
Remember Remember Ghost Frequency (Rock Action, 2010)
Far Corner Do You Think I’m Spooky? (Cuneiform, 2007)
Unknown Artist The Devil (Persia) (recorded in c. 1974) (B-Music, 2007)
Nico Fidenco Eternal Anguish (Emanuelle Around The World OST) (recorded in 1977) (Beat, 2010)
Tuxedomoon Litebulb Overkill (Tuxedomoon Self-released, 1978)
Adam and the Ants Never Trust A Man (With Egg On His Face) (Do It, 1979)
The Legendary Pink Dots The Hill (PIAS, 1985)
0010110000010011 (Cancer) Naonian Style (Italian, 1981)
Bauhaus Bela Lugosi's Dead (Small Wonder, 1979) [plus ‘I Believe’ acapella by Unknown Artist (recorded c. 1980) (Larry 03, 2003)]
Pulsallama The Devil Lives In My Husband's Body (Y, 1982)
Bobby (Boris) Pickett & the Crypt-Kickers Monster Mash (Garpax, 1962)
Andy Votel ‎Return Of The Spooky Driver (Twisted Nerve, 2000)
Rodd Keith Run Spook Run (recorded in c. 1966) (WFMU, 2009)
La La Vasquez Horror Stories (Wire Magazine, 2011)
Scott and Beth B Angel’s Theme (Vortex OST) (Neutral, 1982)
John Carpenter Christine OST (Excerpt) (recorded in 1983) (Varèse Sarabande, 1989)
Ray Parker Jr. Ghostbusters (Arista, 1984)
Badock sleeve

Various (compiled by Lumpen Nobleman)
Badock’s Pocket Extro
Catalogue No: XNMX 052
Duration: 60 mins
Format: MP3/320kbps
Released: February 2016

Jono Gilmurray Badock’s Wood III (Birds) (not on label, 2012)
Bob Ostertag Shadow Pocket (not on label, 2011)
Dylan Nyoukis Fug Gum Ad (not on label, 2013)
Sun City Girls Theme 5 (Abduction, 1997)
W H I † E  w/ IRA Rat Toybox Drum (not on label, 2014)
Iannis Xenakis Concret PH (recorded in 1958) (Electronic Music Foundation, 1997)
John Oswald Kissing Jesus in the Dark (Mystery Tape Laboratory, 1983)
Lalo Schifrin feat. Cal Tjader The Fakir (recorded in 1963) (Verve, 1997)
N. Rajam Darbari (Sarathy Korwar remix) (not on label, 2014)
Wadada Leo Smith Another Wave More Waves (Tzadik, 1996)
Kh'lulu Extro (not on label, 2014)
People Get Real Mariana (Metis, 2011)
African Head Charge Latin Temperament (On-U Sound, 1982)
Andy Stott Luxury Problems (Modern Love, 2012)
Lovelock The Fog (Extended Mix) (not on label) (original version on Internasjonal, 2012)


Mainly Wild Footnotes sleeve

Various (compiled by Lumpen Nobleman)
Mainly Wild Footnotes
Catalogue No: XNMX 051
Duration: 77 mins
Format: MP3/320kbps
Released: January 2016

Lonnie Holley Here I Stand Knocking at Your Door (Dust-to-Digital, 2012)
Rikki Ililonga Love is the Only Way (Sepiso, 1976)
Tamba 4 California Soul (A&M, 1969)
Calum Bryce Love-Maker (Conder, 1968)
André Ceccarelli Magasins d'Usines (Music De Wolfe, 1975)
Casiokids Kaskaden (Moshi Moshi, 2012)
VS//YOUTHCLUB FOOTNOTE (spf5Ø Heisenberg Cooking Mix)
DVA Step 2 Funk (Hyperdub, 2014)
Shackleton Blood On My Hands (Skull Disco, 2006)
Walton 808 Vybzin (Hyperdub, 2014)
Morphosis Wild in Captivity (Morphine, 2011)
Goth Tech Mainly Sad Notifications (not on label, 2012)
The Flirts Helpless (You Took My Love) (Telefon, 1984)
Patrick Cowley Menergy (Fusion, 1981)
Hugh Masekela The Boy's Doin' It (Carl Craig Remix) (Eskimo, 2005)
Alex Barnett Soldier (Catholic Tapes, 2010)
Arachnoid L'adieu Au Pierrot (Divox, 1979)