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Slater Sleeve

Various (compiled by Howard Slater)
Catalogue No:
XNMX 031
Youtube playlist
December 2013

[Jaki Byard 'Cinco y Quatro' has been removed from Youtube]


Grosvenor Sleeve

Various (compiled by Lumpen Nobleman)
Catalogue No:
XNMX 030
70 mins
December 2013

Mairi Morrison and Alasdair Roberts Ailein Duinn (Drag City, 2012)
Richard Dawson Poor Old Horse (alt.vinyl, 2013)
Trembling Bells and Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy My Husband’s Got No Courage In Him (Honest Jon's, 2012)
John Fahey Sun Gonna Shine in My Back Door Some Day Blues (Takoma/Piedmont, 1964)
Sarofeen and Smoke It’s Love (GWP, 1971)
Susan Christie Ghost Riders in the Sky (recorded in 1969) (Finders Keepers, 2006)
The Inner Space and Rosy Rosy Kamera Song (Vogue Schallplatten, 1968)
Spirit Uncle Jack (Ode, 1968)
Caravan Clipping The 8th (Hello Hello) (Demo Version) (recorded in 1969) (Decca, 2001)
Brainticket The Space Between (RCA, 1973)
Faust It’s a Rainy Day Sunshine Girl (Polydor, 1972)
Robert Wyatt Soup Song (Virgin, 1975)
Algebra Suicide (A Proverbial Explanation For) Why No Action Is Taken (RRRecords/Dom Elchklang, 1987)
The Astronauts Everything Stops for Baby (Bugle/Genius, 1981)
Deutscher Kaiser Halli Galli Tanzt Für Sie (Not on label, 1981)
Neon Informations of Death (Urgent/Materiali Sonori, 1980)
Delia Derbyshire Frontier To Knowledge (KPM, 1972)
Emperor Machine Rimramramrim (Ava's Uninterrupted Version) (D.C., 2007)


Kitchen Sleeve

Artist: Various (compiled by Dan Dizette)
The Kitchen
Catalogue No:
XNMX 029
81 mins
December 2013

Ensemble Economique No Highway (NO=FI/Sound Of Cobra, 2013)
Whitehouse Incest 2 (Come Organisation, 1981)
Unknown recordist Niagara Falls (Close Perspective) (BBC, 1999)
Swans Helpless Child (Young God, 1996)
Bongwater Nick Cave Dolls (Shimmy Disc, 1990)
OOIOO Baby Bamboo From Nose (Polystar/Trattoria/Shock City, 1999)
Anne Cessna & Essendon Airport Lost In Madagascar (Innocent, 1980)
Arvid Tuba Do Not Fertilize My Sister (Markus Arvidsson, 1987)
Silver Apples Oscillations (Kapp, 1968)
The Space Lady Ghost Riders in the Sky (recorded in c. 1978) (Night School, 2013)
Golden Teacher Like a Hawk (Optimo, 2013)
Anti-Pop Consortium 9.99 (75 Ark, 2000)
Dizzee Rascal Fix Up Look Sharp (XL, 2003)
Trevor Hartley It Must Be Love (Fu-Manchu, c. 1985)
Prince Jazzbo Replay Version (recorded in c. 1986) (Basic Replay, 2007)
Kode9 You Don't Wash (Dub) (Studio !K7, 2010)
Kenta Nagata DK’s Jungle Park (Mario Kart 64 OST) (Nintendo, 1997)
Peaking Lights All the Sun that Shines (Not Not Fun, 2011)


Glad All Over sleeve

Various (compiled by Dan Dizette)
Glad All Over
Catalogue No:
XNMX 028
77 mins
November 2013

A.C. Marias The Whispered Year (Touch, 1983)
Goblin L'alba Dei Morti Viventi (Zombi OST) (Cinevox, 1978)
Omne Datum Optimum Prosopopee Plasmocytaire Des Freres Pyrrhoniens Putrides (not on label, 2005)
Geoff Love and His Orchestra The Good, The Bad and The Ugly (orig. rec. Morricone, 1967) (mfp, 1969)
Nancy & Lee Some Velvet Morning (Reprise, 1968)
Francis Lai Snow Frolic (Love Story OST) (Pathé Marconi EMI, 1970)
Minimal Compact Is It So? (Crammed, 1987)
Pearls of Joy Gloria (Comfort Stand, 2004)
Fever Ray Keep The Streets Empty For Me (Rabid, 2009)
Organs of Love Queenie (Watts of Goodwill et al., 2012)
Daphne Oram Melodic Group Shapes (His Master's Voice, 1962)
Flying Lotus Orbit Brazil (Plug Research, 2006)
Ali Renault Shnin (Vivod, 2013)
ODD Foam Suit (Dixon Avenue Basement Jams, 2013)
Container Interior (Morphine, 2013)
The Cyclist Sand Dunes (forthcoming, 2014)
Eddie ‘Flashin’ Fowlkes Goodbye Kiss (House Mix) (Metroplex, 1986)
Basil Poledouris Return to Base (Starship Troopers OST) (recorded in 1997) (Cimmerian, 2012)

Peoples Palace

Various (compiled by Lumpen Nobleman)
People's Palace
Catalogue No:
XNMX 027
82 mins
October 2013

Eagleowl Not Over (Fence, 2013)
Current 93 A Dream of TheInmostLight (For Christoph Heemann) (Chalice, 1998)
Edward Ka-Spel The 9oçlock Train To Oblivion (Beta-lactam Ring, 2007)
Evian Christ Duga – 3 (Tri Angle, 2013)
ZS Grain (Excerpt) (Northern Spy, 2013)
Dawson-Davies: Hen Ogledd On The Up-Platform At Morpeth Station (Excerpt) (alt.vinyl, 2013)
Art Zoyd Le Voyage de Harker (Nosferatu alternative soundtrack) (Mantra, 1989)
Lamartine Angoscia Universale (recorded in c. 1974) (Penny, 2013)
Andrzej Korzyński Mid-Guitar Theme (Losy OST) (recorded in 1974) (Finders Keepers, 2012)
Alessandro Alessandroni La Partenza (recorded in c. 1972) (Penny, 2013)
Ozdemir Aksu Ask Masali (Baris K edit) (Not on label, c. 2012))
Ennio Morricone Come Maddalena (orig. orchestral arrangement, Morricone, Maddalena OST, 1971) (BBC, 1978)
Cy Payne and His Orchestra Doctor Who (orig. arrangement, Derbyshire, 1963) (Contour, 1972)
Eskaton Parenthese (Musique Post Atomique, 1983)
The National Jazz Trio of Scotland This Is What You Could Have Won (Karaoke Kalk, 2013)
The Pentangle The Trees They Do Grow High (Transatlantic, 1968)
Brigitte Fontaine Brigitte (Saravah, 1972)
Harvester Everybody (Needs Somebody To Love) (Decibel, 1969)
The Beatles Come Together (Apple, 1969)
Former Bullies Planetarium (Only Joking, 2013)
Galaxie 500 Parking Lot (Aurora, 1988)
Scott Walker Lights Of Cincinnati (Philips, 1969)


I Spit Sleeve

Meir Zarchi feat. Camille Keaton
I Spit on Your Grave (1978)
with a new unofficial soundtrack selected and synced by Lumpen Nobleman
Certification: Suitable only for adults

Catalogue No:
XNMX 026
96 mins
March 2013

Opening titles Faust Jennifer (Virgin, 1974)
Park Hill Lane establisher Young Marble Giants Brand - New - Life (Rough Trade, 1980)
Jennifer and Mary Boredoms 15 (Reprise, 1996)
Canoe drift The United States of America Cloud Song (Columbia, 1968)
Speedboat drag Can Opening Sequence (Das Millionenspiel OST) (recorded in 1970) (Spoon, 2012)
Not out of the woods Nico Janitor of Lunacy (Reprise, 1970)
Retreat Wakeford/Stapleton Lucifer Before Sunrise (Tursa, 1992)
Matthew and Jennifer Liquid Trio Experiment Tony's Nightmare (Magna Carta, 2007)
Consternation/Contemplation Lumpen Nobleman Red Mist (Grusha OST) (Extra Normal, 2011)
Cafe scene The Byrds Turn! Turn! Turn! / Brian Wilson Vege-Tables / The 13th Floor Elevators You're Gonna Miss Me
(Pre-)Meditation Foetus Chimera (Ectopic Ents, 2006)
Super-fast Coil Strange Birds (Chalice, 1999)
Jennifer and Matthew The United States of America Cloud Song (Columbia, 1968)
Gas station drive-by Young Marble Giants Brand - New - Life (Rough Trade, 1980)
Jennifer and Johnny The United States of America Cloud Song (Columbia, 1968)
Burning off impurities Grails Burning Off Impurities (Temporary Residence, 2007)
Speedboat crescendo Can Opening Sequence (Das Millionenspiel OST) (recorded in 1970) (Spoon, 2012)
Closing credits Bonnie Dobson Morning Dew (RCA, 1969)


Toy Factory Sleeve

Various (compiled by Lumpen Nobleman)
Toy Factory Stereo Blues
Catalogue No:
XNMX 025
78 mins
February 2013

John Coltrane and Johnny Hartman Dedicated To You (Impulse! 1963)
Eric Dolphy Something Sweet, Something Tender (Blue Note, 1964)
Will Menter Squalls (not on label, 2012)
Lawrence Teaser (Kompakt, 2001)
Moodymann Untitled (KDJ, 2004)
Manekinekod Toy Factory (Brigade, 2010)
Coil Main Title (The Unreleased Themes for Hellraiser) (Solar Lodge, 1987)
Andrzej Korzynski Opetanie 2/Anna Rewards Mark/Orchestral Theme 1/Kreuzberg 1 (Possession OST) (recorded in 1981) (Finders Keepers, 2012)
Fad Gadget Back to Nature (Mute, 1979)
Dopplereffekt Dyson Sphere (La Casa Encendida, 2012)
Ekoplekz Live at Dubloaded (excerpt) (Further, 2011)
Ron Grainer and Delia Derbyshire Doctor Who (recorded in 1963) (BBC, 1973)
Mono/45 UPM Romantic Adieu (Exil-System, 1979)
Theoretical Girls Computer Dating (Second Version) (recorded in 1978-81) (Acute, 2002)
Howlin' Ghost Proletarians Howlin' Wolf Stereo Blues (Utan Titel, 2004)
Grails Silk Rd (Temporary Residence, 2007)
Between Devotion (Vertigo, 1973)
Robert Wyatt Song for Che (Virgin, 1975)

Bourgie Sleeve

Various (compiled by Dan Dizette)
Super Bourgeoisie
Catalogue No:
XNMX 024
87 mins
February 2013

Laurie Spiegel A Harmonic Algorithm (1981 version) (Electronic Music Foundation, 2001)
György Ligeti feat. David Geringas Cello Sonata I: Dialogo. Adagio, Rubato, Cantabile (recorded in 1953) (Warner, 2008)
Midori Takada Crossing (RCA, 1983)
The Bill Wells Octet Meets Lol Coxhill Phantom Pain (Textile, 2001)
Unknown Artist The Witch (Italy) (recorded in c. 1970) (B-Music, 2007)
Amon Düül II Pale Gallery (Liberty, 1970)
Popul Vuh In the Realm of Shadow (Celestial Harmonies, 1981)
Guernica Akebono (Yen, 1982)
Sarolta Zalatnay Az Idök Peremén (recorded in c. 1975) (Finders Keepers, 2007)
Rita Lee Tempo Nublado (Polydor, 1970)
Scivias Passion (Eis Und Licht, 2001)
John Boy Walton Ménage À Trois (Nekromantic OST) (recorded in 1987) (Jelinski/Buttgereit Self-released, 2005)
John Carpenter and Alan Howarth Main Title (Escape from New York OST) (Varèse Sarabande, 1981)
Nine Circles I'm Deeply Touched (Primary, 1996)
Matrimony Frantic Romantic (Frock, 1989)
R. Stevie Moore I've Begun To Fall In Love (HP, 1978)
All My Friends Theme From All My Friends (Otto OST) (Crippled Dick Hot Wax! 2008)
The Poets I Am So Blue (Decca, 1965)
Mary Wells My Guy (Motown, 1964)
Georgie Fame Sitting in the Park (Columbia, 1966)
Roy Orbison Only the Lonely (Monument, 1960)
Count Ossie Unknown Song
Labi Siffre I Got The (EMI, 1975)
T. Bruno & L. Peraino Run Linda Run (Instrumental) (Deep Throat Part II OST) (Bryan, 1974)
Gladys Knight and the Pips Bourgie, Bourgie (CBS, 1980)

Picasso Sleeve

Various (compiled by Lumpen Nobleman)
Painted By Picasso Only Six Months Old
Catalogue No:
XNMX 023
55 mins
January 2013

Art Bears
The Song Of Investment Capital Overseas (Recommended, 1981)
Tuxedomoon Again (Les Disques Du Crépuscule, 1982)
Surplus Stock Spiv (Outatune, 1979)
St. Ct. and the Gladiators Band Soul Locks (recorded in 1972) (Soul Jazz, 2007)
Little John No One Better (Massive B, 1997)
Toney Curtis Sweet September (Version) (Roof International, 1995)
XTC Functions on the Low (recorded in 2004) (No Hats No Hoods, 2012)
Moon Wiring Club Purred Applause (not on label, 2011)
Divine Styler Grey Matter (Giant, 1992)
Cotti Truth Hurts (Soul Jazz, 2008)
Bass Clef A Rail Is A Road And A Road Is A River (Punch Drunk, 2012)
Heatsick Convergence (Rush Hour, 2012)

Free Association Sleeve

Various (compiled by Dan Dizette)
Free Association
Catalogue No:
XNMX 022
60 mins
January 2013

Akis Into the Light (Music Box International, 1990)
John L. M. Trim feat. Sabine Michael et al. Komm Mit! Wir Sprechen Deutsch, Lessons 21 to 30 (BBC, 1965)
EG Oblique Graph Black Cloth Behind De Gaulle's Wax Head (recorded in c. 1982) (not on label)
Mother Ganga Ganges Riverboat Disco (Instructional Media, 2012)
Gonjasufi ‎Kowboyz&Indians (Warp, 2010)
David Bowie Sense Of Doubt (RCA, 1977)
Univers Zero La Tete Du Corbeau (Recommended, 1981)
Officer! Anagrams (Ayaa, 1984)
Bongwater The Power of Pussy (Shimmy Disc, 1990)
The Feelies The Boy With the Perpetual Nervousness (Stiff, 1980)
Lydia Lunch Dance of the Dead Children (Ruby, 1982)
Ffej Modern Day Gavel (not on label, 2005)
The Ex & Brader Mûsîkî & Guests with Herr Seele & Kamagurka Çemê Rynê (Ex, 1991)
Ariel Pink & R. Stevie Moore SteviePink Javascript Redo Theme (Stroll On, 2012)
The Joubert Singers Stand on the Word (Larry Levan Remix) (recorded in 1982) (Larry 02, 2003)

Burns Sleeve

Various (compiled by Lumpen Nobleman)
Burns in the Expanded Field
Catalogue No:
XNMX 021
78 mins
Edition: 75

25 January 2013

Mark Knopfler The Rocks & The Water (Local Hero OST) (Vertigo, 1983)
Chris Watson No Man's Land (Excerpt) (Touch, 2006)
Ivor Cutler Life In A Scotch Sitting Room, Vol. 2 EP. 6 (Virgin, 1976)
Cluster & Eno Wehrmut (Sky, 1977)
Trembling Bells A Boy's Dream (not on label, 2011)
Broadcast The North Downs Dimension (Berberian Sound Studio OST) (Warp, 2013)
The United States of America Cloud Song (Columbia, 1968)
MV & EE with Willie Lane Twitchin' (not on label, 2009)
Alec Cheer Water And Paint (Cheer self-released, 2009)
People Like Us G. Ballington/Return of Number 2 (The Prisoner OST) vs. Simon Patterson/Colour Match (2012)
Richard Youngs All Day Monday and Tuesday (Jagjaguwar, 2009)
Operating Theatre Eighties Rampwalk (recorded in 1981) (Finders Keepers, 2012)
Young Marble Giants Wind in the Rigging (Rough Trade, 1980)
Paul Giovanni & Magnet Gently Johnny (The Wicker Man OST, 1973) (Silva Screen, 2002)
Alasdair Roberts Ned Ludd's Rant (For A World Rebarbarised) (Drag City, 2009)
Ewan MacColl with Peggy Seeger Derek Bentley (Topic, 1959)
Karen Dalton Katie Cruel (Paramount, 1971)
Shirley Collins/Davy Graham Lord Gregory (Decca, 1964)
Bonnie Dobson Morning Dew (RCA, 1969)
Beirut Mount Wroclai (Idle Days) (Ba Da Bing!, 2006)
Oren Ambarchi Fractured Mirror (Touch, 2012)
Michael Marra Green Grow the Rashes (Live) (not on label)