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15 Tracks of 15 Mins Sleeve

Various (compiled by Kyle McCallum)
Title: 15 Tracks of 15 Minutes
Catalogue No: XNMX 041
Duration: 136 mins
Format: MP3/320kbps
Released: December 2014

15 Tracks of 15 Mins image


Priceless Underground Sleeve

Various (compiled by Dan Dizette)
Title: Priceless Underground
Catalogue No: XNMX 040
Duration: 80 mins
Format: MP3/320kbps
Released: October 2014

Noma FKA maSS (not on label, c. 2011)
Oren Ambarchi and Matthew Thomas Strategem (Touch, 1999)
Krish Ashok Daft Pankajam (not on label, c. 2014)
Adam Buxton ‘Scott Walker’ sings Scream and Shout (by Will.i.am and Britney Spears) (not on label, 2014)
회사AUTO Casino (not on label, c. 2013)
Don’t DJ Looppool (Diskant, 2013)
Gentleforce I Hear a Voice Crying in the Wilderness (edit) (not on label, 2011)
Daniel Thomas Casio Drone (not on label, 2014)
Tom Arthurs and Simon Vincent Three Improvisations (No. 3) (Not Applicable, 2010)
Bourbonese Qualk Murmur (FünfUndVierzig, 1989)
Pye Corner Audio Transmission Six: Sunken Village (not on label, 2011)
Zombi Slow Oscillations (Stefan Blomeier Mix) (not on label, c. 2011)
Starfoxxx If you want me 666 (not on label, 2012)
Molly Nilsson Silver (Dark Skies Association, 2010)
Special Hits Untitled 3 (not on label, c. 2012)
DJ Paypal x Feloneezy Lovin U Snip 14 (not on label, c. 2014)
Das Ding Creep (not on label, c. 2012)
That Boy Scott McKenzie exorcising hippies in San Francisco (not on label, c. 2012)
Hatsune Miku Dead End (Seablaze Remix) (not on label, 2014)
Holly Herndon Chorus (Happa Mix) (not on label, c. 2014)
Jennifer Fullerton George Osborne Yesterday (not on label, 2014)
Limmy Go Your Own Weigh (not on label, c. 2014)


15 Tracks

Various (compiled by Kyle McCallum)
Title: 15 Tracks in 15 Minutes
Catalogue No: XNMX 039
Duration: 15 mins
Format: MP3/320kbps
Released: September 2014

15 Tracks


Styx Sleeve

Various (compiled by Jennifer Lucy Allan)
Title: Styx in the Throat
Catalogue No: XNMX 038
Duration: 32 mins
Format: MP3/320kbps
Released: July 2014

Maja Ratkje Too Many Trees (Semishigure, 2006)
Folke Rabe What?? (recorded in 1967) (Important, 2012)
Sten Hanson Am Strengsten Verboten (Alga Marghen, 1998)
David Blamey OK (Voice Studies, 2013)
Åke Hodell The Djurgården Ferry Across The Styx (recorded in 1972) (Fylkingen, 2000)
Chora(S)San and the Time-Court Mirage Blues Dhikr Al-Salam (Blues Al Maqam) (Important, 2012)
Joan La Barbara Autumn Signal (recorded in 1978) (Lovely Music, 2003)
Jeff Keen Rayday Readings (recorded in c. 1975) (Trunk, 2012)
Aaron Dilloway Side A (from Opened Door) (Chondritic Sound, 2013)
Junko & Sutcliffe Jugend Sans Larynx (4iB, 2013)
Ghédalia Tazartès Une Éclipse Totale De Soleil Part II (recorded in 1979) (Algha Marghen, 1996)
Eliane Radigue feat. Robert Ashley Mila's Journey Inspired By A Dream (recorded in 1984) (Lovely Music, 1987)
Terry Riley Zucchini (recorded in 1996) (Tzadik, 2010)
Sun Ra I Am Not A Fantasy (recorded in c. 1978) (Norton, 2010)
United Sacred Harp Convention Minister's Farewell (69) (Mississippi/Change, 2013)


Awkward Sons Sleeve

Various (compiled by The Awkward Sons of Patrick Stewart)
Title: If You're Feeling Sinister
Catalogue No: XNMX 037
Duration: 57 mins
Format: MP3/320kbps
Released: June 2014

Swallowed Unsavorably (Emptiness, 2010) (Finland)
Damaar Preaching for Mass Suicide (Nuclear War Now! 2006) (Lebanon)
Goat Semen Goat Semen (Devil’s Art/Austral Holocaust, 2002) (Peru)
Reveal Homunculus (High Roller, 2011) (Sweden)
The Ruins of Beverast I Raised this Stone as a Ghastly Memorial (Ván, 2009) (Germany)
Alchemyst Rites of the Holy Hill (Iron Bonehead, 2012) (Germany)
Urfaust Verflucht das Blenden der Erscheinung (GoatowaRex, 2005) (Netherlands)
Dread Sovereign Cthulu Opiate Haze (Ván, 2014) (Ireland)
Grave Miasma Ossuary (Sepulchral Voice, 2013) (England)
Bölzer Entranced by the Wolfshook (Iron Bonehead, 2013) (Switzerland)
Sarcófago INRI (Cogumelo, 1987) (Brazil)
Parabellum Engendro 666 (Discos Fuentes, 1987) (Colombia)
Intestinal Disgorge Face Down in a Toilet Full of Vomit and Feces (Lofty Storm, 2000) (USA)
Discordance Axis Dystopia Pt. II (Devour, 1995) (USA)
Napalm Death Dead (Earache, 1988) (England)
Brutal Truth Collateral Damage (Earache, 1992) (USA)


Darnell Corvid Sleeve

Various (compiled by Darnell Corvid)
Title: Par Ma Zan
Catalogue No: XNMX 036
Duration: 64 mins
Format: MP3/320kbps
Released: April 2014

Corviria Seagull Song (Squirrel, c. 1972)
Miles Davis In a Silent Way (Columbia, 1969)
Sonny Sharrock Blind Willy (Vortex, 1969)
Michael Nesmith and the First National Band Tumbling Tumbleweeds (RCA, 1971)
Hailu Mergia Shilela (recorded in 1985) (Awesome Tapes From Africa, 2013)
Alice Coltrane Rama Rama (Avatar, 1987)
Marianne Faithfull Morning Sun (Decca, 1965)
Zafer Dilek İntizar (Yonca, 1973)
Lester Bangs slagging Brian Ferry (from All You Need is Love documentary, 1977)
Brian Eno King’s Lead Hat (Polydor, 1977)
Zzebra Zardoz (Beethoven Opus 92) (Zardoz OST) (Polydor, 1974)
Pink Floyd On The Run (Harvest, 1973)
Patrick Cowley Mockingbird Dream (recorded in c. 1978) (Dark Entries/Honey Soundsystem, 2013)
The Melodians The Good, The Bad And The Ugly (recorded in c. 1969) (Finders Keepers, 2008)
Alemayehu Eshete Ney-Ney Weleba (recorded in c. 1973) (Mississippi/Change, 2012)
Bappi Lahiri Everybody Dance With Me (College Girl OST, 1978) (World Psychedelic Funk Classics, 2010)
Serge Gainsbourg La Horse (La Horse OST) (Hortensia, 1969)
Debra Travis Old Country (Tower, 1967)
Takashi Ogawa Élégie pour la Stele d'un Inconnu (1995)
Robert Mitchum and Lillian Gish Leaning (from The Night of the Hunter, 1955)


To a Moose Sleeve

Various (compiled by The Archduke Dance Contraband)
Title: To a Moose
Catalogue No: XNMX 035
Duration: 77 mins
Format: MP3/128kbps
Released: March 2014

Jim Clark Such a Parcel of Rogues (Spoken word, 2011)
King Creosote and Jon Hopkins First Watch / John Taylor's Month Away (Domino, 2011)
Lau Ghosts (Live at Radio 2 Folk Awards, 2013)
Nick Cave and Warren Ellis All Things Beautiful (Mute, 2007)
Bert Jansch River Running (Konnexion, 1985)
Lal Waterson and Oliver Knight Midnight Feast (Topic, 1996)
Lau Horizontigo (Live in the Rodewald Suite, Liverpool Philharmonic Hall, 2010) 
Martyn Bennett Griogal Cridhe (Cuillin Music, 2002)
Jacaszek Rytm to Nieśmiertelność II (Wytwórnia płytowa, 2008)
Ivor Cutler Women of the World Take Over (Live, unknown location/date)
Linda Perhacs Parallelograms (Kapp, 1970)
Väsen Flodens Död (The Death of Madame Flod) (Ethnic, 1993)
Kronos Quartet Flugufrelsarinn (Live in Bucharest, 2008)
Mogwai Friend of the Night (PIAS, 2006)
Rachel Sermanni Ae Fond Kiss (Live for Onder Invloed, 2013)
Kris Drever and Anna Massie Poor Man's Son (Live at Henshaws Arts and Crafts Centre, Knaresborough, 2010)
Arthur Johnstone, Gordon McCulloch and the rest of the company Hamish Henderson's 'Freedom Come All Ye'
(Live at the Riverside Club, Glasgow, 1990)


Hope Sleeve

Various (compiled by Fielding Hope)
Title: Jaazzzz Mix
Catalogue No: XNMX 034
Duration: 74 mins
Format: MP3/320kbps
Released: February 2014

Marion Brown La Sorrella (recorded in 1966) (ESP Disk, 1968)
Batsumi Lishonile (Record and Tape Limited, 1974)
Matana Roberts Invocation (Constellation, 2013)
Matthew Shipp Syntax (Thirsty Ear, 2001)
Lloyd Miller Shur Thing (recorded in c.1965) (Jazzman, 2009)
Otomo Yoshihide's New Jazz Quintet Tails Out (DIW, 2003)
Don Cherry and the Jazz Composer's Orchestra Tantra (JCOA, 1973)
Masahiko Togashi Second Expression (Denon Jazz, 1976)
Joe McPhee Shakey Jake (CjRecord Productions, 1971)
Michael White Samba (ABC/Impulse!, 1972)
Chris Corsano What Do We Get from Cricket That We Don't Get from Other Games?
(orig. Hot Cars Warp, 2006) (Family Vineyard, 2008)
Gétatchèw Mèkurya Muziqa Heywete (recorded in 1970) (Philips Ethiopia, 1972)
Archie Shepp and Jeanne Lee There is a Balm in Gilead (BYG, 1969)
Robert Wyatt Strange Fruit (Rough Trade, 1980)


Panos Sleeve

Artist: Various (compiled by David Panos)
Title: Hot/Cold: Greek Wave vs. (Nu) Rave
Catalogue No: XNMX 033
Duration: 78 mins
Format: MP3/192kbps
Released: February 2014

ΟΔΟΣ 55 Αττική Βικτώρια [ODOS 55 Attiki Victoria] (Eirmi 05, 2012)
Farley J.M.F. Yes He Saved Me (Gene Hunt Mix) (orig. c.1987) (Rush Hour, 2011 )
Συνθετικοί Είναι Σίγουρο [Synthetiki Einai Sigouro] (Δανάη, 1990)
Goth Tech Cry (2012)
Turquoise Days Grey Skies (Disques Strategie, 1984)
Sonic Solution Quest (R&S, 1991)
Xωρίς Περιδέραιο Ανωση [Choris Perithepaio Anosi] (Art Nouveau, 1983)
Tevo Howard Monument (Buzzin' Fly, 2012)
In Trance 95 Brazilia (Wipe Out, 1988)
Omar S Ganymede (FXHE, 2011)
Metro Decay Κειμήλια [Kemilia] (Creep, 1983)
Future/Past Jam Packed (R&S, 1992)
The Neon Judgement Schizophrenic Freddy (1980)
Ron Hardy Liquid Love (Instrumental) (Trax, 1992)
Bauhaus She's in Parties (Beggars Banquet, 1983)


DJ Local Promoter Sleeve

Various (compiled by DJ Local Promoter)
From Classic to Modern
Catalogue No:
XNMX 032
59 mins
February 2014

Your DJ speaks over Chas Jankel 109 (A&M, 1981)
Gerry Rafferty A Big Change in the Weather (United Artists, 1978)
Johnny Wakelin In Zaire (Pye, 1975)
Steely Dan Doctor Wu (ABC, 1975)
Rosebud Interstellar Overdrive (Flarenasch, 1977)
Average White Band Just Wanna Love You Tonight (Atlantic, 1974)
Fleetwood Mac Dreams (Warner, 1977)
Arthur Oublie-Moi (Barclay, 1980)
Lizzy Mercier Descloux Slipped Disc (Philips, 1981)
Thomas Dolby Radio Silence (Venice In Peril, 1982)
Tuxedomoon Atlantis (Cramboy, 1986)
Howard Johnson So Fine (A&M, 1982)
Cheryl Lynn feat. Luther Vandross If This World Were Mine (Columbia, 1982)
Carly Simon Why (Mirage, 1982)